Studio of Dance, Inc

One Payment in Full by Sept 30+3.7% convenience fee

​​3 - Class Pass $45.00 
        plus 3.7% online fee


Unlimited Summer Classes$80.00

                 plus $3.00 online fee

2017 "Hooray For Hollywood" DVD  $30.00
plus 3.7% convenience fee

Monthly payment - on or before the 10th of month+3.7% fee

2017 Family Registration Fee$35.00 plus 3.7% online convenience fee

Monthly payment - on or after 11th of month+3.7% fee
Independent Health Flexfit/ Flexfit Family or PersonalBest $249.00


  We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card and      PayPal. We are proud to be a provider for Independent Health FlexFit /  FlexFit Select Family and personalBest. You DO NOT need to have a  PayPal account.  

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